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How to use "Fujisan Free Wi-Fi"

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  • Step1. Visit Fujisan.

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  • Step2. Access to Fujisan Free Wi-Fi.
    Where you can see this logomark, you can access to Fujisan Free Wi-Fi network.

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  • Step3. Fun!

Area Guide

Yamanashi area


SHizuoka area

Southern Fujisan Area (Shizuoka)

Shizuoka is particularly blessed among Japan’s prefectures in many ways ranging from its setting, natural beauty and climate, to industrial production and tourism.

Kanagawa area

Eastern Fujisan Area (Kanagawa)

The most attractive feature of Kanagawa prefecture is that it has a wide variety of unique characteristics in each local community.

At the same time, Kanagawa is blessed with an abundance of nature.

You can also enjoy the wonderful view of Mount Fuji, the symbol of Japan.

Kanagawa’s rich history is beautifully represented in Kamakura.

Kamakura is the ancient capital of the 13th century, which is known for its vibrant culture.

All of Japan’s attractive features can be found in one spot, Kanagawa.


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About Us

Welcome to Fujisan

We, "Fujisan Free Wi-Fi Project" members, improve accessibility to thebest information for tourism.

You can access the Wi-Fi network where you can see this logomark.We hope you enjoy sharing your impression or feelings through the special experienceof culture and nature.

We hope you have the greatest trip in Japan.

Fujisan Free Wi-Fi Project

Notes on how to use Fujisan Free Wi-Fi

In order to use this network, your electronic devices should have been received the Japanese Technical Regulations Conformity Certification. Please keep in mind that using Wi-Fi with electronic devices that did not receive this certificate such as a devices that was bought outside Japan is a violation of Japanese Radio Law.

Iphones and Ipads are not concerned by this rule.

For more details, please consult the following website

FAQ on Technical Conformity Mark(Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) (External link)